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Welcome to daverotella.com
Bruce Springsteen Canada :: DANIMA's Daily Headlines

In the past I have used the front of this now-antiquated site for topics like the Red Sox winning the World Series (I think that was up for over a year), the passing of the late, great Warren Zevon, etc. So, I decided that since I seem to be blogging everywhere else that I will add a blog here. What I'll name it and when it will come about remains to be seen. I'm sure I'll use it to review new albums, like my latest purchase - Southside Johnny/Into The Harbour, or just to rant about stuff that interests...probably only me (things I can't rant about in my son's blog or on the DANIMA site.

So, check back soon and we'll see what we can do!

Inside the Site:
  • Dave's Top 25 Albums of All-Time:
    Here's a list of Album/CD's that any collector MUST have in their collection. You can trust me on these. It'll change from time to time as great albums like Joe Ely's Letter To Loredo come out and replace some old classics. One thing will never change...that's the number one spot!

  • Rotella's Annual Football Pool:
    As of last year this all moved over to EasyFootballPool.com. The entire pool is on-line and is growing. If you want a pool of your own...we can do that too!

  • Panel of Experts:
    We kept up the tradition and our "experts" made their weekly picks for the NFL season once again in 2003. This year Nick "The Breeze" Svab won our panel. Next year he'll have some competition with Evan James Rotella.

  • Strictly Springsteen:
    This section contains my complete Springsteen catalogue (for those interested in trading) and some great bruce links

  • Wild Blue Yonder:
    John Hiatt is one of Dave's All-Time Favorites. This page will provide you with great Hiatt Links on the net, Dave's Hiatt collection and much more.

  • Heartattack & Vine:
    One of music's premier performer/singer/songwriters, Tom Waits, is featured in this section. Links, cd's and more.

  • Trading Post:
    A complete list of Domestic and Boots for trading. Hiatt, Waits, Little Steven and more.

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Great New CD's

Joe Grushecky
Good Life
Joe Grushecky - Good Life

Billy Falcon
Made Man
Billy Falcon - Made Man

Todd Snider
The Devil You Know
Todd Snider - Devil You Know

Southside Johnny
Into The Harbour
Southside Johnny - Into The Harbour

LL Cool J
Todd Smith
LL Cool J - Todd Smith

Bruce Springsteen
Seeger Sessions
Bruce Springsteen - Seeger Sessions

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